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~ N8V Beauty Salon ~ Serving customers since 2011 ~

Location: 140 East Broadway, Suite 14.

Across the street from Persephone Bakery.

Walk through the corridor between

Valley Bookstore and Trailside Gallery.

Pass Salon one-forty, turn left onto the alley.  20ft to our doorway!


~ Align Your Energy,  Illuminate Your Beauty ~


Our Story


We love what we do ~ and it shows!


N8V Beauty Salon and Spa is a unique oasis where beauty and well-being harmoniously intertwine. Inspired by Brandy's rich Native American heritage, we offer a diverse range of services that blend traditional wisdom with modern techniques. Located in Jackson Wyoming, our salon provides an inviting atmosphere where clients can indulge in rejuvenating hair treatments, body sugaring hair removal, lash extensions and state-of-the-art transformative energy work.

Our Mission and Vision

At N8V Beauty Salon and Spa, our mission is to empower clients to embrace their beauty and well-being through a fusion of Native American-inspired services and contemporary techniques. Our vision is to create a nurturing space where clients can relax, recharge, and experience a deep connection to their innermost self while receiving exceptional beauty treatments.


Team and Expertise

Our talented team of stylists, estheticians and energy work practitioners are highly skilled and have a strong connection to the energetic realm. Each team member brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and dedication to their craft, ensuring that every client receives personalized, high-quality services tailored to their individual needs.


Specialties and Unique Features

N8V Beauty Salon and Spa incorporates traditional Native American elements into most energy work sessions, using natural, eco-friendly products, and offering other energy work sessions, including Reiki, chakra balancing, and crystal therapy. Our salon also features handcrafted, Native American-inspired decor and artwork, providing a serene, culturally rich ambiance.

~ Awaken Your Spirit, Up-level Your Style ~

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