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  Brandy Tuttle ~ Owner

 Master Stylist ~ Energy Worker

With more than 27 year experience in the film and beauty industry, Brandy's passion for her craft, both spiritually and aesthetically has merged to offer her clientele a deeply personal and unique experience. Her extensive understanding of both the physical and the metaphysical, has allowed her to create a salon and spa, unlike any other.

Brandy is the international best selling author of, "Grateful Powerful Strong ~ Next Level Navigation for the Spiritual Warrior" and host of the podcast "Standing Holy with Brandy Tuttle." She is the founder of the "RPM Tuttle Method" which utilizes the technique, "Regression, Progression, Manifestation" to revolutionize her energy work to nearly a "one-and-done" approach to healing.

"Brandy is a Spiritual midwife, for her ability to bring forth the best in us, release the worst in us

~ and make us never look back."

~ Peter Isrealson, Multi-Emmy-nominated TV and Film Director.

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